Peace Building

Connecting the Divided
For communities to develop an economic recovery to take hold, people need to feel safe and protected in their environments. For many Somalis, years of displacement and insecurity have resulted in abuse, violent and dangerous situations, especially for women and girls. Somalia has millions of internally displaced people, the majority of which fled conflict, drought, and famine. Many are living in informal settlements.

We facilitate community dialogue around issues of natural resources based conflict. We provide a platform for peacebuilding initiatives, forums, and processes. We work to strengthen traditional institutions of governance and decision making. We work to create an enabling environment for reconciliation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Dialogue is an essential part of addressing conflict and building peace.

We endeavor to create opportunities for divided groups to come and together, discuss the issues affecting them and develop solutions. Conflict generates practical and emotional divisions within society; it creates environments where there are extremely limited opportunities to meet up with the other side, and where negative stereotypes and enemy images thrive.

Our work involves connecting divided groups who would not normally meet – providing a safe space for them to air their views and communicate with each other. Such meetings meeting help people to understand each other’s grievances, so that can deal with the past and move on.