Livelihood and Agricultural Developmen

Resilience in Focus. Unemployment and lack of livelihoods are widespread in Somalia. Rebuilding those opportunities is the key to sustainable economic growth and will help pave the path toward recovery. We take a holistic approach to improving economic opportunities with the ultimate goal of generating thousands of jobs. We are committed to building secure and sustainable livelihoods among vulnerable communities. We support enterprise initiatives where community groups’ capacity has been strengthened. We work to empower communities to make decisions that will improve their livelihoods through the responsible management of natural resources. Farmers can improve their productivity and therefore their income, by adopting sustainable agricultural methods and improving farm management .We work with farmers to improve their lives so that they can contribute to a more productive, resilient, and inclusive food and agricultural system. We help farmers increase productivity, secure access to land and weather, environmental shocks, and stresses. Improving sustainable livelihood opportunities for smallholder farmers is the most effective way to lift poor and vulnerable people out of poverty